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We hope you are inspired to make some GREAT ART!



When my own child Asher was in the Infants school, there wasn't much art on the school curriculum and after school clubs didn't exist! So, I approached the then Head Teacher and asked if I could start an artclub. She said yes and 25 children were signed up for the first after school session!

That was 20 years ago and we are still here, but now more than 120 children attend our club at Balfour, which operates 4 nights a week...!


Artclub is a place for children to foster their creativity. Each session is project-lead, which encourages the children to see a brief as something they can make their own


We simply provide them with the seed of an idea and materials, then they themselves use their creativity and imagination to bring it to life and make it their own...

We’re always surprised and amazed by what the children create!!


Artclub is a setting that allows the children to develop their fine motor skills through creativity, such as cutting with scissors, drawing, sticking and constructing 3D art!