We have already done so many
CUTE Sewing projects with the kids so far...
Have a look!l


We had so much fun making Te-He Kitty! It's a cute project that gives the children the opportunity to use a sewing machine, hand sew, stuff, and decorate with fabrics pens / crayons!

For many of the children, this was their introduction to sewing, both by hand and using a sewing machine. We're always blown away by the children's imagination and artistry, as well as their enthusiasm. Have a look for yourself:


The Jewellery project is an opportunity for the children to begin / develop their hand-sewing skills!

They each designed and constructed these GAWJ little creatures out of acrylic felt, which they could attach either a brooch clip or a cord to, to then become a lovely jewellery piece!

Have a look at just how luvly their creations are:


The children are each given a match-box, and a small piece of paper to fold into it. The idea is for them to construct a small creature, who will live inside the box! They will decorate the box, and on the paper they can either write / draw about the story of the creature... their name, their favourite snacks, the inside of their home!

Have a look at how creative these kids are:


What better way to drift into sleepy times than with a handmade Sleepy-Eye Mask?!

The children were given pieces of acrylic felt, which they chose the colour of, then hand-sewed their creations! They also sewed or glued details onto their designs, to make iconic pieces of sleep-wear...

Have a look at these fab creations:


Another fabulous acryclic-felt creation!!! Here the children were given the brief to design, cut, pin and hand-sew their own purses! Some did animal shapes, some did faces... some even did doughnuts!! OK!!

Have a look at these fantastic artworks:


Hehe how CUTE are these lil worry dolls... The kids made these out of pipe cleaners and acrylic yarn... styled into clothing and hair and accessories... Some children's dolls were superhoes, some villanins, some even worms! (those worries never stood a chance!)

Have a look at their wonderful creations: