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16th March is Carers Action Day - a day to raise awareness of the lives of people who are Carers! Also, this is a day for Carers to get together and celebrate their community

Kidzone teamed up with the Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove, to create a FABULOUS Cabaret Show! We brought families together, to experience a show brimming with artistry and wonder...

The lockdowns meant that many families were unable to spend time with their friends and relatives. This event was an opportunity for people from the Young Carers and Forward Facing communities to come together, enjoy a FABULOUS cabaret show, get creative with arts and crafts, as well as meet some awesome performance artists!

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Artists RhyssPieces, Bolly-Illusion and Max Beecher came down from London to perform for us, and the show was hosted by Asher Fynn. Frankie Fann - THE Brighton Book Queen, was the lovely Door Babe

We had the amazing Kidzone team on badge and keyring making, and yummy food was provided by Lunch Positive!


This video was made by a Young Carer! We shared this video within the Cabaret show

Why not check out the Carers Centre website - click their logo below:

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Within one of the Artclub sessions, we asked all the children whose parents had given consent for their child to be photographed, whether they would mind us taking a picture of their hand...

Nia stepped forward and did the 'Young Carers ROCK!' gesture - we took a photo, edited it (a lot!) and then used it for the graphic for this event... THANK YOU NIA !

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The Young Carers ROCK! Cabaret was made possible with Funding frrm

The Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove

The National Lottery Funding #CommunitiesCan

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