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We're SUPER excited to share with you the art from our Junior Resident Artist at Kidzone Kidz!


Check out these FANTASTIC pieces of art by Lila, who is an artist that attends Artclub!

In the video above, she is with a collection of pieces constructed from felt, such as a Still Life Flower, and a felt Cat and a felt Bunny. You can see that Lila has even created furniture for the Cat and the Bunny from cardboard!


Lila is an artist in Brighton, who works across many different mediums, from paper drawings, to 3D textile sculptures, and she explores a wide variety of subjects!

Pictured here, we are lucky enough to get a glimpse of the artist at work in her studio!

Surrounded by materials, and previous works on the walls... this really is a free and creative setting! How inspiring!


Here is a beautiful 3D multimedia-creation, carefully constructed by Lila, of what appears to be a butterfly!

...The handcrafted piece is made from cardboard, foam cuttings, paper and pen! ...Can you see the cute, smiley face there!?

This is a lovely piece, I wonder what is inside the paper? A message? A thought? What has the butterfly got to say?

I guess for us, Lila's fans, questions like these are what help us fall to in love with her work

Here's Lila's dad who (just like us) is AMAZED by Lila's art!


Here, Lila is in a look that is inspired by Boy George... and we can see the colourful resemblance! (we are also Boy George fans!)

Fashion is just another amazing part of Lila's creative expression... And another inspiration of Lila's is Star Wars!!!! Fabulous!!!

(Check out the sequins on the top)


What isn't well known, is that Lila is also a Jedi... and here you can see her teaching Asher how to duel with a lightsaber!


After having made a quick escape from Mos Eisley on Planet Tatooine, following an altercation with some Storm Troopers, R2D2 here is seeking refuge in Lila's home, on Planet Earth!

Or.. wait... is that an R2D2 Art Construction!?

Wow... ok, Lila's knowledge of the Force clearly knows no bounds...!

Here, what I see now, is actually a multimedia art piece... Lila has carefully combined cardboard boxes and tubes, with bright coloured pens to create a life-like version of R2D2!

What you see is a stop-motion film, which Lila has constructed by taking pictures of R2D2 in slightly different positions, then played them as a video, to create a lifelike impression of R2D2 scurrying along, beep-boop-ing!

Lila submitted the video into the 'Art of Surviving', for the Raymond A Wood Foundation, which is a competition and online art gallery. You can see more of this amazing organisation's work, as well as the gallery, by clicking the link below:

"The mission of the Raymond A. Wood Foundation is to empower hypothalamic-pituitary brain tumor survivors for improved quality of life by providing access to education, technology, and evolving treatments."

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